Expert Advisory Team

The Expert Advisory Team is a group of Langford participants who meet regularly to represent their interests in all levels of the organisation.

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What does the Expert Advisory Team do?

We are a group of participants who employ Langford to assist us with everyday life.
We meet regularly.
We talk about what Langford does.
We assist Langford with improving services for new and continued participants.
We share our experience within Langford and the Community.
We have a voice and give Langford feedback and advice about services.
Everybody's experience is different, the Expert Advisory Team has people with different needs to represent all the different people who have support with Langford.
We look at plans for the future of Langford.
We tell Langford about things that need to change.
We have fun.
We are involved in recruitment across the whole organisation.
Langford asks us what they should do.
We get to have new experiences and meet and work with new people.
We feel safe when we come together.
We get to know what people are doing.

Interested in getting involved with the Expert Advisory Team?