Statement on COVID-19

Published on:
flattening the curve

We are living through a period of fast paced and critical change. We want you to know that we are working hard to maintain the health and wellbeing of the people we support, our teams and the community as we all work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Langford Response

We are closely monitoring the guidelines and directions provided by Government, our peak bodies and health professionals.

We are working through a constant process of planning our response to stay up to date with all recommendations to help stop the spread of the virus and maintain the highest possible safety for the people we support, our team and the community.

Changes at Langford

Langford is committed to the recommendations from experts and government to Stay at Home and Save Lives. All teams are working with participants to maintain this in practice.

Across all Langford environments we have increased cleaning and hygiene practices. To achieve this, we have sought clinical advice and employed additional resources to maintain a high standard of cleaning for infection control.

All Langford houses, offices and other spaces have implemented Visitor Protocols to support us to stop the spread of COVID-19. Essential visitors to these environments will be supported to conduct a health check including taking body temperature, employing safe practices that include hand washing and safe distancing and signing a register that helps us to stay accountable and track contacts in the event of infection.

All of our staff are required to participate in two additional online training courses regarding infection control and stopping the spread of COVID-19. We are providing pour whole team with regular updates about our planning and efforts to keep the team and participants safe at this time.

A Special Leave has been initiated that allows staff to take required leave for self-isolation and quarantine without experiencing financial difficulty.

In planning for increased restrictions or outbreak Langford has developed contingency rosters to help us maintain consistent and high-quality supports across the organisation should we experience high levels of required quarantine or illness.

Some of our team members have commenced learning new roles that will allow them to fill key roles in the organisation if required due to isolation or illness.

Our office remains open with minimal team members working from this base. Most of our office team are currently working from home office spaces. They remain available to ensure that all of our supports continue uninterrupted.

What has stayed the same?

In this challenging time with so much change in our community Langford is committed to maintaining high quality supports.

Langford continues to accept new referrals for support.

Whilst we will achieve things in a different way our goals remain to work with participants and their families to be engaged and involved in our safe community.