Five changes participants asked for and Langford delivered

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1. Involving participants in staff recruitment

Participants told us that it’s really important for them to be involved with selecting their own staff. So, Langford now invites participant representatives to be ‘at the table’ in the recruitment process throughout all levels of the organisation. This gives participants direct input with the process of hiring new staff.

2. Upgrading the website

Last year, we had feedback from participants that the Langford website wasn’t very user-friendly and didn’t properly represent who we are and what we do. In response, we’ve completely overhauled the website to better promote our services, be more accessible, and to be a place where we can share our stories with everyone.

3. Changes to managing support

We worked with participants to look at the way new people are welcomed to Langford and how we learn about their individual needs. This led to us changing the way we give our ‘Welcome Packs’, providing more comprehensive information for new participants but in a more accessible way. We also made improvements to learn more about participants’ personal preferences in how we provide their support.

4. Better representation for participants

Participants told us they want to be more involved in the key decisions which determine how Langford operates. Our Expert Advisory Team – a dedicated team of participant representatives who meet regularly with Langford staff – has been directly consulted, meeting with Langford staff in the development of our strategic and business planning processes. This gives participants representation and direct input to the most central decisions at Langford.

5. More open and accessible communication

We had feedback from participants that they wanted more information from Langford and more options to share their own thoughts and ideas with us. We now provide more options for alternative communication in many cases, such as ‘easy read’ documents. We have also improved the way Langford’s feedback process works: participants can give their feedback by phone, email, or directly through the forms on our website.

We value the feedback and suggestions we get from participants and it helps us make real changes in the way we work. Participants and their families can give feedback to Langford anytime: